dinsdag 11 december 2012

Prusa Mendel RepRap build, day 8

Yesterday I recieved 2  extra belt clamps from the people from reprap france where I bought my kit.   I fabricated my own belt clamps out of thin MDF but they seemed too flimsy for usage.  So after explaining my problem they were willing to send me these two clamps for free.

So I mirked the holes of the clamps on the base plate using a drill bit, before drilling the actual holes.  Be sure to double check these as one pair of holes were incorrectly marked, so now I have 6 holes in my base plate :-) (you can see them below the nearest belt clamp)

So after the Y-axis belt was fixed I could finally install the print bed.

Not that much progress, but I'm currently reading up on how to mount the heated PCB for the print bed.  I already have the glass plate laying around, but it seems that ideally I still require some insulation between the current print bed and the heated PCB.  Also, it is still not clear to me how to install the thermistor for the heated PCB and how to wire it up.

I also will still need to mount the hot end into the extruder and wire up the leads of the hot end thermistor and the heater resistor.

Once these to steps are done I can start mounting the end stops en connect the electronics.  Status so far:

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