woensdag 5 december 2012

Prusa Mendel RepRap build, day 7

I mounted the extruder on the X- carriage and installed the belt for the X-carriage.

Today I tackled the assembly of the J-Head mk-V hot end.  This alreaday came preassembled, but it still requires installing the heater resistor and thermistor.

I have been going over the documentation in the reprap wiki  a few times, just to be sure.  I just tried to see if the heater resistor fits the destined hole.  I was a tight fit and with some light pushing found that the resistor got stuck on one side.

As the Heater resistor wouldn't budge anymore I applied some more force and eventually got the resistor to be at the center of the hole.  Due to the tight fit I guess I won't need muffler repair putty or aluminium foil to make the fit.

I then installed the thermistor and slid the insulation tubing over the leads.

As the thermistor can move freely I fixed it to the hot end with some kapton tape.  I also bent the leads slightly to allow it to be connected to the Reprap electronics.

Does the hot end work?  Well we will have to wait until the power supply arrives.  Also still need to install the hot end in the extruder.  But that's for another day.

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