zaterdag 1 december 2012

Prusa Mendel RepRap build, day 4 & 5

Day 4

No english version of the eMotionTech Prusa precision kit exists, just a french and spanish version.  So I'm trying my best with the french version (luckely this is the 3rd language I know, but the technical french vocabulary is quite unknown to me)

When mounting the supports for one of the plates (the 4 supports are in front of the Prusa frame in previous post) I saw the bolts could not pass the threaded rod connecting the side triangles on the bottom.  That's because the rod needed to be mounted below the bottom-side threaded rods instead of on top of it. Thanks for the people of eMotionTech to help me out on this (although I found out myself before I got there answer back).  Just shows I really should stick to the french version of the manual :-)

I don't have super glue laying around, so I cannot fix the base plate to the supports.

The second hurdle was mounting the Y-axis motor to the Y-motor bracket.  Apparently this is an updated bracket compared to the stock one.  It's much sturdier.  Unfortunately there aren't any longer bolts left to spare in the kit. So this concluded day 4 of the construction.

Day 5

I bought some M3x16 bolts (the only M3 bolts I could find) in the hard ware store so I could mount the Y-axis motor.  Although I forgot to purchase some super glue.

Unfortunately these bolts are about 2 mm too long.  I solved this by placing an M3 nut between the washer and the head of the bolt.

I could now continue building the X-axis parts.  You need M3x16 bolts for this to, so I'm glad I bought some extras to day :-) .  All went well until I applied some pressure on the left side component when pushing the slide rods through.  I heard a crack and the mounting bracket for the motor cracked.  Guess I will need that super glue even more now :-(

2 of the mounting point are still good, so after gluing that part, I guess all will be well.

I mounted the X-axis construction into the frame and mounted the motors on top of the frame.  So that concludes build day 5 :-)

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