maandag 29 augustus 2016

Case for Meade ETX125 EC

I recently purchased a second hand Meade ETX125.  Unfortunately it came without a case to safely store and transport it in.

I went on a search for an appropriate case and ended up buying a mobile tool box from Keter in a local DIY store.

It jus barely fits my telescope.  But as it is lacking some padding I purchased some hard insulation, pipe insulation and sound insulation.  After going to work with some scissors, box cutters and spay glue I ended up with an already pretty decent housing for my freshly bought telescope.

Empty tool box with tool insert removed

After gluing on some padding on the sides and adding the insulation

The end result with some sound insulation for further padding and a more 'classy' look
I might give this a spin and see if I can later on add some small storage for the GoTo controller, manuals, eye pieces, ...