donderdag 31 maart 2011

My first Arduino project - part 7

I have currently split up the logic in two parts:

  • one sketch contains the logic for the RFID reader, checking the administrative data on the SD card and logging to the SD card
  • a second sketch to manage the content of the SD card (work ongoing for the moment)
These two sketches are uploaded to my github account.

I needed to split up the logic over two sketches as I ran into problems while trying to keep everything in one sketch.  My Arduino seemed to grind to a halt when I started to call some of the data management logic that I already implemented.  In the future I'll attempt putting all the logic back in one sketch, but for now I'll try to keep the development up to speed as much as possible

I haven't posted in a while as I was preparing to talk about my project on the newline event at the whitespace hackerspace in ghent.  You can find my presentation, in openoffice format, in the doc directory on my github repository.

In the coming week I hope to complete the data management sketch.  I'll keep you posted 

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