maandag 27 december 2010

Some SGI Octane trouble

I hooked up my SGI Octane to my DELL monitor (DELL E228WFP), hooked up an old PS/2 keyboard and mouse and the power cable.  I switched on the Octane, it starts booting, the light in the front bezel goes white, then red and eventually ends up white.  But unfortunately, nothing is showing on my DELL monitor. #@!*

So after going through the troubleshooting section of the Octane workstation owner's guide I am inclined to think something is wrong with the DB13W3M to HD15F (VGA) adapter that I bought from ebay. This adapter would allow me to hookup the octane to my DELL monitor (at least, that was what I thought). Some communication with my Octane seller, some googling and some multimeter tests on the adapter, it indeed seems to be the cause of my problem.

So I went through my junk to find an additional VGA cable to cut it in half and do some rewiring.  This would allow me to see if I can make the Octane display something on my monitor.  Trouble is, the only VGA cables I had laying around were with 2 male connectors and none with both a female and male connector.   #@!*

So, I went out to a local computer store to fetch some VGA gender changes (which set me back 4 €).

Plan of action: In the coming days, I'll cut the VGA cable in half, connect the leads of both halves to a breadboard, do some rewiring and test out the rewiring job on my monitor (hopefully without it going dead on me :-) )

I'll keep you posted.

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