maandag 26 november 2012

Prusa Mendel RepRap build, day 1

During the last months I have been considering buying a 3D printer.  It has been a careful consideration and I even have been helping on an ultimaker build during a build weekend, just to get the hang of it.   The build weekend certainly did not quench my thirst for a 3D printer.

Although the ultimaker is a remarkable nice machine, I doesn't fit my budget.  So after some browsing I ended up on the website that contains a 3D printer price comparison list that gets updated from time to time.  So I went for the cheapest and closest option (to keep shipping costs as low as possible): RepRap France - eMotion Tech.  I went for their Prusa Mendel precision kit.  So after paying and waiting a box finally arrived at my doorstep.

I went quickly through the box, to see if most parts were there.  I know some plates are still on their way, but nothing stops me from already starting the build

There seems to be 5 footed frame vertex and only 1 frame vertex instead of 4 footed and 2 regulars, but that only impacts the looks, not functionality.  Hopefully that will be the only surprise I'll encounter in this build,  *fingers crossed*.

So this is the result of 1 hour of spare time :-)

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