vrijdag 16 december 2011

PC case overhaul

Now that I have my brand new, home made 19" rack; I'm moving the internals of my old pc to a new 19" rack mountable case.

Before starting the move, I backed up all the data that was on the PC. Yes, I didn't forget :-)

First I put my two patients on the operating table :-) .

As I'm having software RAID configured I needed to be sure to reconnect the drives in the same order as before. So I labeled the drives according to the connectors on the mother board.

Then I took a pic of the back of the PC to have an idea of how everything was setup before the move. I also took some further pictures of the connectors inside the PC.

Once I was assured that I had enough pictures, I disconnected all cables from the mother board.  Once disconnected I moved the mother board to the new case, followed by the power supply.

One neat thing about the new case is that it contains sleds for the hard drives making mounting the drives much more easier

After reconnecting everything, I booted the machine and everything seems to run fine.

As a finishing touch I tried addeinga some blue CCFL's I ordered on  ebay some time ago.  Unfortunately one of the two was broken (either in transport or during one of my moves :-) ). So I added the remaining CCFL to the case.  I'm still not sure how exactly I'm going to mount it, but below pictures give an idea how it might look.

Still some work to do, but, looking good so far.

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